“To deeply appreciate God’s Word,,…-A Useful Guide for Sharing
[The Bible in 100 Weeks Program] enlightened by God’s Word

This is a program to read through the Holy Bible in 100 weeks, which started in 1974 in
a parish church in downtown Tokyo and spread throughout the world. This is not a
passive series of lecture on religion but a positive method to deepen the faith of
individuals and the community together through reading of the Holy Bible. This
method is spreading gradually throughout the world as an e宜ective way to create a
community of faith and to create the power of execution in one’s life. This is especially
effective as aftercare practice for newly baptized Christians. This is not a di伍cult
practice and everybody can start, if only you are able to read .

The purpose of [the Bible in 100 weeks Program

-To become good Christians to serve God and people through reading the Word of God
and sharing with other participants and by so doing receive inner strength to act faithfully.

  1. You read the Old and New Testament in about 100 weeks ( it takes about
    three and half years including recess periods ) .You must read through without dwelling on favorable parts or neglecting less
    favorable parts.The essential points of this method are =

    1. Every participant reads the weekly passages of the Bible and
      considers the Scripture in prayer.
    2. From the passages you pick out the parts that impressed you
    3. ( preferably related to your actual life) , share and pray together.
    4. You review the main points of the weekly passages that you read the
      previous week ( there are four ways to do this )
    5. You read through the Bible completely. By so doing you will see the
      whole picture of the development of divine revelation and the history
      of salvation. You will then realize your own life’s mission . You will
      also be led to action in your daily life by the power of the holy words
      and feel the strength of being a member of a Church Community
      ( Children of God)
  2. Every week you read the Bible beforehand according to the allocation sheet,
    referring to the supplementary text (.“100 weeks Bible I ~ E” edited by
    Fr. Marcel le Dorze, published by Don Bosco Publishing Company)
  3. Method to conduct a class ( 2 hour meetings)
    1. Start with a prayer and sing a psalm and/or hymn
    2. Review the parts you
      read the previous week (for 20~25minutes)
    3. Each participant shares their
      parts of the current week’s reading and adds a short prayer ( 3 minutes per
    4. Recess (IO minutes)
    5. A talk by a priest or leader ( explaining the points
      for that day and replying to any questions or adding comments on the parts
      to be read the following week)
    6. Close the meeting by singing a hymn
      (When a priest is present, receive the blessing)
  4. Matters to be noted
    1. You must avoid criticizing or evaluating other participants’ remarks.
      Praising also means comparison with others and must be avoided. It is
      important to create a comfortable atmosphere where everybody can
      participate with ease.
    2. Every participant should adhere to the rule of speaking for only 3 minutes.
    3. This class is not an occasion to accumulate knowledge of the Bible but the
      opportunity to listen to Word of God and to the words of the participants
      with a humble attitude.
    4. The priest and leader are not lecturers but they themselves read the Bible
      and share as participants.

The explanation of your teachings gives light and brings wisdom
to the ignorant. (Psalm 119: 130)